Manuel Jorge Gomes

The year was 1953 and the young Manuel Jorge Gomes was finishing elementary school when he inherited the first lands that are now part of the various properties of Hortícolas Casal D’Avó. In the beginning it produced wheat, barley and maize, later moving on to raw turnip which was in great demand in the Ribeira market in Lisbon.

Today Hortícolas Casal D’Avó produces 10 varieties of high quality fruits and vegetables to satisfy the needs of its various customers.

Located in Ribatejo, more specifically in the municipality of Torres Novas, Hortícolas Casal D’Avó is currently managed by Mr. Manuel Jorge Gomes and his 5 children who from an early age accompanied their parents in the production and marketing of fruits and vegetables.

In 2010, the sales volume exceeded 1 million Euros, which in turn has been a growing increase until today, having approached 3 million in 2021. All thanks to the commitment and dedication of the Gomes family and its employees. , which already cultivate more than 450 hectares and continue to expand with future acquisitions.

To ensure that the products reach the end customer with a higher level of quality and freshness, Hortícolas Casal D’Avó also has a range of agricultural equipment ranging from tractors to washing machines and product calibration. It has a cold storage capacity of 250 m2 and a new 1800 m2 warehouse located in Golegã, which is close to its production area. And thanks to their refrigerated trucks, they guarantee safe, fast and efficient deliveries of their products. Hortícolas Casal D’Avó has implemented the HCCP and is certified in Global G.A.P. , GRASP and Integrated Production.

In constant appreciation of its resources, Hortícolas Casal D’Avó has created over the years a solid structure supported by the improvement of its technical, human and financial capabilities.

Hortícolas Casal D’Avó has all the necessary skills to respond quickly and with quality to the increasingly demanding and competitive market. Only in this way can we ensure the full confidence of our customers and prepare for the future.

Produzimos com o maior nível de qualidade verified e frescura auto_awesome

Mapa de Portugal
Área e capacidade de cultivo
2 ha
70 ton
5 ha
200 ton
3 ha
120 ton
4 ha
280 ton
Butternut Pumpkin
20 ha
1200 ton
15 ha
300 ton
15 ha
200 ton
Cabbage Heart
45 ha
1500 ton
20 ha
800 ton
20 ha
300 ton
120 ha
2200 ton